What’s the first thing in your life to go when you get stressed?

Over the past two months our family has gone through a major change. We left a secure job doing what we love, people that we love and who love us, and a home that was the only home my two boys ever knew. We left it to go and do something adventurous, exciting, worthwhile, and most importantly, what God wants us to do. It is also stressful!

There’s a hike in the Black Hills where my parents live and where I would visit every summer for a few weeks. If I just had a few hours to go hiking, this particular trail and its offshoots were just the ticket. It is aptly called “Therapist.” As you hike to the top of this hill you’ll find a beautiful overlook. Here, tucked away is a notebook inside of a PVC pipe housing to keep it dry. The idea is that anyone who successfully makes the (easy) ascent, they get to sign their name. Every time I look through it, I’m glad to see written “Jason Bourne was here.” But more than that, I’m glad to see so many people had experienced a little therapy in their lives.

God has been good, but I know that it is my tendency to first neglect those therapeutic activities in my life just when I need them the most. In this particular case, I’m talking about fishing. I haven’t fished in what seems like forever and I am going through some serious withdrawal here. I have resolved that today… I’m going fishing.

Have you had any therapy in your life lately? When the stress mounts, is therapy the first thing to go? Get out and enjoy your family, nature, peace and quiet, excitement, or whatever it is that fills you back up and soothes your soul.

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